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Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:46 pm by Minecabin

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Codex of Civilizations (Subject to Change)

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1 Codex of Civilizations (Subject to Change) on Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:16 pm

The Great Codex Of Civilizations
Original by qtong

§ 1 §

Grief – An act of malicious, permanent or temporal action conducted directly or indirectly by a player towards another one, willingly or unwillingly, resulting in altered state of contraptions built by the potential victim without his or hers permission. The legislator acknowledges existence of griefing other than block/building grief but will define it later in this document.

Grief is considered what follows:
- Removing a block or specific set of entities without replacing it.
• The replaced block has to be:
a) The same
b) If possible set in same direction as before
c) Put back in 3 minutes time interval from breaking it
Rule c) does not apply under following circumstances:
* The person responsible for removing the block or entity receives damage from owner or owner’s associates.
*The person responsible for removing the block or entity dies or gets incapacitated due to any contraption created by block owner or his associates.
- Placing water and/or lava, specifically in order to:
• Break artistic value of contraption
• Break function of said contraption, that applies to:
* Redstone circuitry of any kind
* Mob spawners, grinders, mob farms
* Any kind of farm
- Breaking redstone contraptions
- Breaking functionality of farm of any kind
- Placing blocks in order to break artistic value or functionality or potential victim contraption
- Any other malicious activity towards any contraption of potential victim. The maliciousness of said action is judged by an admin and admin only, who can but is not obligated to ask for other players opinion on the matter
Grief is not what follows:
- Killing animals and other such entities (ex. Villigers) that without a doubt were bred or accommodated in purpose of breeding
- Destroying crops (applies also towards jumping on tiled dirt)
- Reclaiming item from item frame. Due to plugin not being able to log person reclaiming it.
- Destroying any rune (runecraft)
- Using runes in order to alter states of blocks by redstone signals even on claimed land, unless it is an abusive use. The abusiveness is judged by an admin and admin only, who can but is not obligated to ask for other players opinion on the matter
- Eating cakes
- Turning items in item frames
- Destroying sign’s on claimed land. Due to plugin replacing the sign without inscription
- Setting blocks on fire without destroying them – due to fire spread turned off it can have artistic value during raids or could be used for traps/way of damaging players
- Destroying item frame by accident (ex. Due to firing a bow and missing target). The rate of accident is judged by an admin and admin only, who can but is not obligated to ask for other players opinion on the matter.
Not following the above rules will result in punishment described in the “Punishment” paragraph.

§ 2 §

Use of any malicious 3rd party software/mod/texture packs is STRICTLY forbidden. Only approved mods may be used on this server. Click here for a list of approved mods. If you want to use a mod that is not on the list, please ask an admin beforehand.
Use of any malicious texture pack or xray mod is specifically FORBIDDEN and will be punished with highest penalties possible. Although server uses plugins to counter xray it does not mean you can use it.

§ 3 §

Civilizations is a friendly community based on desire of having fun but not at expense of real life person and his or hers sex, feelings, orientation, political opinions etc.

By joining our server you are obligated to be as kind and understanding on chat as possible.
We will not tolerate abuse towards anyone and their feelings.
On this server you are allowed to speak your mind and even swear providing the fact you are doing it with good taste or constructive criticism.
Please be kind to other players on the server chat and website. We're all just here to have a good time. If you have a problem with another player please contact a Moderator/Admin. THIS INCLUDES GIVING ATTITUDE TO ANY STAFF IF YOU ARE FOUND DOING THIS YOU WILL BE BANNED!

Do not undermine admins decisions. You can appeal on the forums but spewing crap on chat is not tolerated. Do not try to alter admins decisions, if you are spoken to, speak.


§ 4 §
Complaints, reports

This is a PVP server. You are allowed to kill and you need to expect to be killed one time or another. If you're killed or stolen from in legal way, please admit defeat and move on. Do not cry, do not ask for stuff back (unless you do it in constructive way). It makes it easier for everyone. If you suspect cheating, however, please tell an admin and we will look into it.

You can contact the admin on the server or file a report on forums. If you are asked to provide proof you are obligated to provide screenshots in a thread created by you in specific place on forums with specific set of forum rules.

Screenshots taken by you need to have specific form. Not minding the following rules when creating screenshots will be treated as LACK of evidence:
- Screenshots have to be RAW. The file format has to be as minecraft saves it to. The file and picture size has to be as minecraft saves it to. The view of screenshot cannot be cut, it has to be whole. In other words you upload it to image sharing services sush as imgur straight from screenshots folder and RAW.
Not following above rules will also point towards fact of you hiding something.
When calling for admin player is forbidden to spam, swear etc. Keep calm.
Filing reports and complaining is allowed when:
- You don’t agree with admins decision and can provide logical and constructive arguments towards your opinion
- You suspect someone of not following the rules and can provide proof (ex. Grief, chat abuse etc.)
- Under other logical and constructive circumstances that legislator could not think of

§ 5 §

If you agree upon a trade with another player you must keep your end of the bargain. That not only applies to item trading but also sharing intelligence and facts. If you are suspicious about the trade you can use the following lines and ask other side to write them in chat or personal message and then screenshot it:
I, [insert name here], hereby agree to [insert SPECIFIC bargain, trade here], in favor of [insert reward, price here].
You can also use other form, just make sure it is plain and straightforward.
If you screenshot your trade agreements you have to include yours and other site agreement in single screenshot (if possible).
Cheating/Scamming other players will be punished accordingly

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2 Re: Codex of Civilizations (Subject to Change) on Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:46 pm

§ 7 §
PvP Player Behaviour

Here on Civilizations Players are more than welcome to PvP, although they need to abide all the above and below rules:

1. Spawncamping is forbiden. You cannot repetivly kill player just after they respawn. This counts for placing lava on their spawnpoint aswell. The exception being when someone sleeps in potential victims bed, setting their spawnpoint and beeing able to teleport to it with /home command, in that case victim is allowed to place lava/traps there.

2. Raiding a Tribe can last up to 20 minutes. Exceeding that time may count as overstay and provided that admins are online agressors might be ported back to their tribe spawn.

3. You are allowed to raid single Tribe 3 times every real life day. Its is in both sides (agressors and victim) interest to take note of that in case of creating a report on forums or defending against the report.

4. Each raid on single tribe can only occur every 1 hr.

If victim Tribe does not have citizens online at the moment of raid or are away from it, the raid does not count towards the daily limit. The reason behind this is that noone will be able to keep the track of said raids.

If you are riding a player without a tribe, rules 2-4 do not apply BUT you're not allowed to completely oblitarate them all the time. This would disencourage new players. Reason for thsese rules not applying is that we want to force people to create Tribes. But then again please give new players time to breathe, and maybe even help them and tell them of possibility of creating a Tribe.

§ 8 §
Creative World

On this server player is able to join a special Creative World. It serves as a place for testing your builds, redstone and joining some special building events. Player is able to reserve his own plot and build there safely from grief. The creative world does not share inventories with survival one. Here is a set of rules to follow once a player joines the Creative World:

1. Any attempt to copy items from Creative World to the Survival one is insta-bannable.
2. You are not allowed to spam entities such as minecarts and boats. You can use namely up to 2 of each.
3. Any attempt towards lagging the server on purpouse and not may end in suvire punishment, possible permban.
4. Unesthetique builds might be wiped, the person judging the art value of said build are admins, and its ONLY up to them.

§ 9 §

Players are able to create their own pawn shops at trade district. Creating a shop costs depending on the size. Players are beeing given the plot only for their own use with block and chest protection. While these are the perks of having a shop, there are several rules Player has to follow:
1. Do not store items for sole protection of them. Not following this rule might end up with deletion of said items without retrieving them.
2. Any harmfull activity regarding shops towards the economy or general cheating with bugs will result in shop deletion or ban.

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